2024 Proof of Concept Results

Apr 11, 2024

We are thrilled to share the results from the inaugural Environmental Tech Lab. The ETL challenged growth-stage startups worldwide to demonstrate how they could improve operational efficiency and data utilization at NYC Department of Environmental Protection (NYC DEP). In response, eight companies demonstrated their technologies at DEP to bring new tech to the public sector while improving critical infrastructure and ensuring New Yorkers continue enjoying safe drinking water and a clean environment. Take a look at highlights and the full report below.

💧 Monitored 1,500 square miles of water using optical analysis of satellite maps.

💧 Solutions demonstrated ability to eliminate the need for manual routine field visits, freeing up hours of staff time.

💧 Zero-emission robot to aid police in monitoring watershed easements.

💧 AI-powered sewer pipe monitoring unlocked 15-30 hours of engineering time/week, reduced defect detection time by 75%, and provided repair decisions 68% faster than current methods.

💧 Demonstrated a potential renewable energy source from DEP water pipes which could generate enough power to charge 1,200 electric vehicles annually.

Congrats to Gybe, Knaq, Near Space Labs, Sentry, Sewer AI, Vapar, InPipe Energy, and Transcend Software!