Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Can we apply to multiple challenges?

Is there a maximum or minimum size of an entity that can apply?

Do you have to be a resident of NYC or a citizen of the US?

Are NYC-based manufacturers being considered for prototype and production of concepts?

Are submissions exclusively digital products?

Can we apply if we have already done work with the DEP?

Are the proof of concepts and pilots a virtual opportunity? Can we collaborate more in person if we are local?

What would the size of the pilot be?

What would qualify a startup as “sole source”? How can it be justified?

Would there be funding available to do the POCs?

Would there be funding available during the pilot phase?

How many teams are selected for POC or pilot stages?

Can we get sample data from DEP to use for PoC?

Are non-profits eligible to apply?

What are the protocols around submitting a cloud based solution?

NYC Department of Environmental Protection

How do the relevant bureaus find out about failures today, and does the DEP have its own internal call center to take customer notifications of such events?

What types of construction projects does the DEP conduct?

What technology is currently being employed for the removal of pollutants?

Do pollutants of concern also include bulk items like litter and basic trash? Are there initiatives to remove that from entering the combined system?

Is the bureau of wastewater treatment responsible for the CCTV inspection of the wastewater collection system and manholes? Are technologies focused on condition assessment and video data management of interest to this challenge?

Is DEP interested in technology that captures CO2 from bio processes and then upgrades that CO2 to green methanol?

Are there initiatives related to sewer/manhole condition assessment, digital twins/3d modeling?

What software does the DEP use for work order management and asset management?

Is there any specific preference of Cloud Service providers like Azure, AWS, GCP etc?

What type of real-time water quality testing and data capture does the DEP use either upstream or within wastewater processing?

What are the processes and tools being used today by the DEP to collaborate with other project stakeholders (GCs, architects, subcontractors, etc) during preconstruction to review and decide on cost and schedule impacting design decisions?

Are there any water demand management programs in use?

Does DEP need assistance measuring the quality of the lake/source water?

Does DEP need/want remote monitoring for lake/source water with treatment solutions for removing algal blooms?

Does DEP need assistance complying with local law 97? Is DEP seeking solutions to help remove carbon from water?

Does the DEP use SAP PM?

What are the DEP requirements for the fleet management system?